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Candidate Meeting Report Form


Please use this online submission form to submit your report to Child Care Now


Form text below for your reference.

Candidate’s Name:    _______________________________

Candidate’s Riding:   _______________________________

Candidate’s Party:      _______________________________

Names of child care advocates who attended the meeting, and their contact information.


Did the candidate allow you to take a #childcarechampion photo? (Printable sign attached)

YES      NO

(If yes, please send the photo electronically to and also post it on your social media accounts using the hashtags #childcarechampion #affordablechildcare #childcareforall #cdnchildcare @Child_Care_Now and be sure to also tag the candidate).

Did the candidate commit to advocating for increased funding for child care?

YES     NO

Did the candidate commit to advocating for a universal, high-quality child care system?

YES     NO

What other commitments/comments did the candidate make, if any?

What questions, if any, did the candidate ask?

Are there answers that need elaboration or clarification?


Follow up:

Who will follow up with the candidate? ________________________________________

What needs to be included in your follow up email/phone call? (always include a thank you!)

o A request for information the candidate promised you

o Answers to questions the candidateasked/additional info the candidateasked you to provide.

o Request for a follow-up meeting

Please complete the online submission form or print and return completed form to

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