It's time for child care for all - Des services de garde éducatifs pour tous

OTTAWA,  AUGUST 12, 2020– In an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland released today, seventy-nine leaders and experts in social, economic, childhood development and labour policy are imploring  the federal government to fund and expand child care as a principal piece of Canada’s social infrastructure.

“The pandemic has had devastating consequences for women’s equality and economic security, family functioning and wellbeing, and the health of the economy. Key to recovery is child care,” the letter states.

The signatories want the federal government to act quickly on the Liberal election promise to build a robust system of high quality, accessible, affordable and inclusive child care. While recognizing that the recently negotiated Safe Restart Agreement earmarks new federal transfers to the provinces and territories for child care, the letter stresses the need for “bolder federal government action going forward.”

The letter asks for the immediate establishment of a federal secretariat on child care to guide the construction of a child care system that puts the wellbeing of children and child care staff at its centre. The system must also “support parents—particularly mothers—to re-enter and stay in the paid labour force.” The signatories want the building of a proper child care system, alongside the implementation of the Indigenous early learning and child care framework agreement, to be made a federal priority starting with a significant boost in federal spending on child care in the next federal budget.

For more information or interviews with letter signatories, contact:

Morna Ballantyne
Executive Director
Child Care Now

Don Giesbrecht
Canadian Child Care Federation
613.729.5289, x220

Martha Friendly
Executive Director
Childcare Resource and Research Unit