It's time for child care for all - Des services de garde éducatifs pour tous

Did anyone celebrate Labour Day ’normally’ this year? Virtual marches and distanced outdoor gatherings replaced the traditional parades and picnics to fight #COVID-19. And while we may mourn the loss of tradition and celebration, a much bigger problem is that Canadians are still out of work, some are working remotely, and others can’t go back to work without child care. Governments across the country have recognized that in order for Canadians to go back to work, they need child care. They’re starting to look into ways to move towards economic growth, but we need them to do more and find better solutions for parents across the country. 

Let’s get Canada working again with child care, endorse our Strategy for Recovery and share your COVID-19 parenting stories on social media using #ReconstructChildCare or #CDNChildcare.